Phone scam continues to affect Hertfordshire

Police investigating a series of scam phone calls in Hertfordshire are renewing their appeal for people to be aware and issuing advice to potential victims.Operation Policy is the investigation into the fraudulent phone calls which sees offenders calling people, pretending to be a police officer or from a bank, requesting bank details and bank cards.

Police are experiencing a change to the way the fraudsters are operating, with victims also being told to withdraw large sums of money, often thousands of pounds. A courier is then sent to the victim’s house to collect the cash, or their card, which is later used to withdraw money.

Detectives are carrying out thorough investigations into the crime and a number of arrests have been made. Officers from Safer Neighbourhood Team across the county have been working to educate residents. Police have also been working closely with local taxi companies, and partner organisations such as Hertfordshire Community Meals, to raise awareness of the crime.

Police have received over 100 reports of suspicious phone calls since the beginning of the year, with calls being made to residents across the county. The majority of people targeted are elderly.

For more information on these scams visit the Herts police website.