Distraction Burglars hit Hertfordshire

Police in Hertfordshire are urging residents to be vigilant to bogus callers after an incident in St Albans on Friday. Police suspect the two offenders responsible could commit other offences in the county.

Operation Manhunt, Hertfordshire Constabulary’s team dedicated to investigating distraction burglary, is investigating an incident which occurred in St Albans on Friday (November 29). The victim, a woman in her 70s, was approached at her door by a young looking man and woman who said they had lost their ball in her garden and asked to have a look for it.

The victim took the woman into her garden whilst the man searched the property and removed jewellery and cash.

Detectives believe this couple have committed similar offences in London, Bedfordshire and ThamesValley.

Detective Sergeant Alex Tyrrell from Operation Manhunt said: “We know this couple are offending in neighbouring counties and we’re starting to see offences in Hertfordshire.

“Whilst we have an investigation on-going, we need people to be vigilant to this crime, and to this couple.

“They look young, and tend to use the lost ball excuse to get into someone’s home but they are also known to say they need a cup of sugar or need to borrow something.

“I would urge people to identify their older family members, friends and neighbours who may be vulnerable to this crime and pass on this vital safety advice.”

Not sure? Don’t open the door! – If you are not expecting anyone and you don’t recognise them, don’t let them into your home. Try to communicate with the caller without opening the door and ask them to return at a time when you have someone you trust with you.

Call 999 if you suspect a crime is in progress or you believe someone is acting suspiciously around your neighbour’s property.