TV Participants Needed

This is an amendment. The Molewood Residents’ Association has been approached by Kimberly Godbolt at Windfall Films, who has asked if there are any participants willing to apply for their latest Channel 4 production. Their email states:
“We’re working on a pilot documentary series for Channel 4, which will make an innovative dispute resolution process available to people with community, business, family and consumer disputes for the first time. With court fees having just risen significantly and small claims taking an average of 31 weeks to get a court date, the aim is to de-mystify the legal world and facilitate a new, efficient process for people wanting to sort out difficult disputes.

We’re looking for parties considering court to go through this process for our pilot. It could be anything from a landlord / tenant issue, a consumer dispute , money claims from friends or family, but it is best suited to cases where individuals, and not large companies or organisations are involved.

The process will be authentic, legally-binding and free for the parties, and although it’s being filmed, the pilot is not intended for broadcast.”
If anyone is interested in applying they are able to contact Kimberly at