Peacock taking up position

Roaming Peacocks

We are fortunate on Molewood to be surrounded by woodland and farmland and as a result many of us enjoy an abundance of native birds in our back garden.

In recent years we have also been visited by rare migratory species feeding on the berries in trees or on occasion, you can gaze into the sky and admire the Kites floating over our rooftops.

Pass through Cowper Crescent on a regular basis and there’s a good chance that you’ll meet a rare and beautiful bird; the Peacock. The Peacock is not a native species to the UK and this group (an Ostentation) of Peacocks, numbering 9 birds belongs to Molewood Hall. For visitors passing through the top end of Cowper this is a novel sight and beautiful spectacle, rumour has it that the 333 bus has even slowed for sitings.

Sadly, for many residents with houses in their territory these beautiful birds have become a nuisance; eating bedding plants and bulbs rising through the frosty ground. Defacating on patios and pathways – leaving parents concerned for spring and time in the garden. As the committee we’ve been asked to discuss the issue with the owners and we’re keen to understand your perspective. Please contact Ben Penrose at 104 Cowper Crescent with your views.

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