Poems for 2015

Joan Cook, a long time resident of Bengeo, was asked if she would write a poem which we could place on the website and in the newsletter. We not only have one poem, but two for you to enjoy. We wish Joan all the best for her 94th birthday this year.

Christmas time has been and gone
Was simply lovely, nothing wrong
Next it will be Easter time
With lots of Easter Eggs devine

Just fancy – I’ll be ninety four
I wonder what life has in store ?
Perhaps it’s better not to know
For my old legs can hurt me so

Spring is coming – such a sight
Where lovely flowers give such delight
And dormant buds upon the trees
Burst into leaves for all to see

Then it’s Summer time again
Picnics – Holidays – not much rain
Alot of people go abroad
Not me – I’m seldom ever bored

Then Autumn colours of the trees
Change for all of us to see
Surely in a month or two
It’s Christmas time for us to view

I can’t believe another year
Was past us by – It’s all so queer
But Mother nature will always be
There for us to love and see

I really don’t know what to say
Now 2015’s come my way
For this year I’ll be ninety four
Gosh! Wonder what it has in store?
A nice new leg that didn’t hurt
Would help me in my daily work
But there again I expect I’ll see
Someone else much worse than me
When I look back to childhood days
There really was alot to praise
Dad was a Butler, Mum was a cook
T’was like living in a story book
In a beautiful Cotswold Rambling home
With six months by Kensington Palace to roam
Food rationing really didn’t help
One had to tighten up ones belt
In village school two miles away
We crossed fields in Summer – In Winter road way
A bucket toilet was all we had
Newspaper on hook for which we were glad
I find it very hard to think
Why the Ink Monitor always spilt the ink
So I got it on my hands in vain
Which ended with my getting the cane
So six month country, six month town
One brought a smile, one a frown
But it taught me to accept things
What ever life decides to bring
So “thankyou” and I’ll carry on
Until the day when I am gone
To date I live in Bengeo
Would I change it ? No, no, no