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Attempted burglary – Farquhar Street

Between 0900hrs Saturday 31st August and 2200hrs Sunday 1st September the offender (s) have entered the grounds to the detached bungalow via the main gate on the main road.

The offender (s) have tried gaining access via the kitchen window, and damaged the window. Access to the property was not gained.

If anyone has any information please contact the non-emergency number on 101.

Items taken from skip

A couple driving a TSG Building Services van have been seen taking items from a skip on Cowper Crescent at around 05:30am, Monday morning. If you see anything suspicious, please contact your local neighbourhood watch representative.

Scam BT Phonecall

Received from a member of the Neighbourhood Watch

I had a call at about today from someone purporting to be from BT Broadband to say that there have been so many complaints about the poor quality of broadband service in the area that BT have decided to offer (free of charge) a brand new router which a BT Engineer will fit (again, free of charge). He then asked me to confirm my email address and mother’s maiden name. I gave him the former but said I was reluctant to give him the later and that BT had that information and since he had called me could not need it from me. At that point he said “Well we can’t help you then” and hung up. I called the number which had shown on my mobile as the originator 01708 456655 and a woman answered saying it was a stationers. I then phoned BT Broadband who say they have no information on this and will refer it to their security people.

This call was preceded by a woman calling me yesterday afternoon offering me this upgrade and saying that she would get her manager to call me back.

Burglary in Port Hill

Between 2200hrs and 2325hrs Sunday 23rd June 2013 the offender(s) have gained access via a door at the side of the property and stole a black handbag.

If anyone has any information could you please contact the non-emergency number on 101 and Quote Crime number A1/13/1519.

Phone Scam

Police investigating a series of scam phone calls in the county are urging people not to give out their bank card details over the phone.

In the past five months there have been increasing numbers of calls to police reporting a suspicious phone call, and in some cases resulting in thousands of pounds fraudulently taken from the victim’s bank account.

How does it work?

The offender calls the resident, purporting to be a police officer, investigating a fraud on their bank account. They then ask for bank account information, including their card numbers, security number and pin number.

If the resident becomes suspicious, the offender suggests that they call 999 or 101 to ask for confirmation that the person is a police officer.

The victim then calls police, but doesn’t realise that the offender has not hung up so goes straight through to them again. In some cases a female offender comes on the line and pretends to be working in the ‘police control room’ and verifies the ‘officer’s’ details.

The caller is then ‘transferred’ back through to the first offender who obtains all the victim’s details.

The offenders are deliberately targeting older victims, with their ages ranging from early 70s to mid-90s.

Detective Sergeant Twitchett, from St Albans Local Crime Unit said: “Fortunately in most of these cases the resident believed the call was a scam and put the phone down.”

“Our advice is very simple – if you receive a similar call, do not part with any details. Be aware of callers remaining on the phone and where possible use an alternative phone to report it to police, such as a mobile phone or a neighbour’s landline.”

“It is important to know that police will never ask for your pin or bank card.”

Hertford PCSO saves man in river

A Hertford PCSO was involved in a dramatic rescue in the town yesterday (Wednesday, May 8).

PCSO Andrea Gibson was out on patrol in town when she received a call to deal with a group of men drinking in Folly Island, a restricted drinking area, at around 6pm.

Andrea asked the group to move on, and whilst they were doing so, one man stumbled back into the river.

His friend jumped in to try to help him out but both got into difficulty and needed help.

Speaking about the incident, PCSO Andrea Gibson said: “The friend who jumped in did brilliantly but he started to struggle and they kept going under the water. So I quickly took my high vis vest off, called for assistance, and then got into the river to help.

“I made sure I kept hold of the side, because there was the threat that I may get pulled down too. They continued to go under the water so I reached out and pulled them over, and assisted the first man by holding him up against the wall at the side of the river.

“I called for help and thankfully a member of the public came running over and helped me, by pulling him out of the water. The second man was also helped out.”

The man was then taken to hospital by ambulance as a precaution.

Andrea has been thanked for her actions by Chief Inspector Gerry McDonald, who said: “This is an example of the excellent work from our PCSOs who are dedicated and go beyond the call of duty, without consideration for their own safety, to help others. I’m extremely proud of Andrea for her actions.”

Andrea added: “I didn’t really give it a second thought. I just saw there was someone in danger and I did what I needed to do to help them. It wasn’t until I got out and my colleagues arrived that I realised what I’d done and I started shaking. I’m just glad that he’s OK now.”

Inland Revenue Scam

An e-mail is doing the rounds purporting to be from the Inland Revenue, offering you a rebate and asking for personal and banking details which would allow the criminals to access your bank account. This is a scam: NEVER reveal card or account details to senders of unsolicited e-mails.

Report it. If you have been scammed, or you think someone has tried to scam you, report it to Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 or visit

Get advice. The Citizens Advice Consumer Service 08454 04 05 06 can provide advice and pass details of rogue traders to Trading Standards.

Two Arrested on Suspicion of Metal Theft

A 36 year-old man and a 27 year-old woman from Ware have been arrested on suspicion of metal theft, just fifteen minutes after a member of the public contacted police.

The pair were first spotted at Musley Primary School in Ware and police then traced them to a local scrap yard where they were subsequently arrested.

Theft from motor vehicles

There has been a spate of theft from motor vehicles where offenders are targeting sports complex car parks and changing rooms, namely Wodson Park on Wadesmill Road, Ware and Hoe Lane Rugby Club.

Please can I stress to users to not leave any items on display in your vehicles and to use the appropriate lockers available. If you see anyone suspicious looking into vehicles please call the Police immediately on 999

Burglary in New Road

Between 1600hrs Monday 7th January and 1000hrs Thursday 10th January 2013 the offender(s) have entered the rear garden and removed two pedal cycles from an unlocked shed.

The bicycles stolen were a Maroon Kona man’s mountain bike and a Blue Scott man’s mountain bike.

If anyone has any information can they please contact the non-emergency number on “101” and Quote Crime number A1/13/76.