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Theft of pedal cycle

Crime number A1/15/301

In-between 1900hrs and 2100hrs Tuesday 27th January a black Raleigh unisex mountain bicycle was stolen. The bike was secured to railing outside The Millstream pub.

If anyone has any information please contact the non-emergency number on 101.

Theft at Holy Trinity Church

Crime number A1/15/308

In-between 1230hrs and 1800hrs Sunday 1st February 2015 the offender has stolen a ships bell from within the church. The bell is made of brass and is approximately 18 inches in height and weighs around 25kgs.

If anyone has any information please contact the non-emergency number on 101.

Warning over 070 missed call scam

Consumers are warned about a scam which is designed to make them think they have received a missed call from a mobile phone.

When victims call the number back, they are actually dialling a service costing up to £1.50 a minute.

The scam begins when you receive a missed call from a number beginning 070 or 076.

These numbers are used because they look like ’07’ mobile phone numbers but can cost considerably more to call.

When you ring the number back, the call is immediately dropped or an engaged tone is played and the victim is charged. Some callers have also heard a recorded voice suggesting a bad line, encouraging the caller to ring back and be charged a second time.

If you receive a missed call from a number beginning 070 or 076 that you do not recognise, do not call it back.

Instead, make a note of the number and complain to the premium rate regulator, PhonepayPlus (Tel: 0800 500 212).

Click on the Link below to see full article:

Please be aware of this and inform others.

Theft from vehicle – The Avenue

Crime number A1/14/806

Between 2300hrs Sunday 23rd March and 0600hrs Monday 24th March the offender(s) have stolen the front wheels off a Blue Mondeo which was parked on the driveway at front of house, near Woodhall Close.

If anyone has any information could you please contact the non-emergency number on 101.

Phone scam continues to affect Hertfordshire

Police investigating a series of scam phone calls in Hertfordshire are renewing their appeal for people to be aware and issuing advice to potential victims.Operation Policy is the investigation into the fraudulent phone calls which sees offenders calling people, pretending to be a police officer or from a bank, requesting bank details and bank cards.

Police are experiencing a change to the way the fraudsters are operating, with victims also being told to withdraw large sums of money, often thousands of pounds. A courier is then sent to the victim’s house to collect the cash, or their card, which is later used to withdraw money.

Detectives are carrying out thorough investigations into the crime and a number of arrests have been made. Officers from Safer Neighbourhood Team across the county have been working to educate residents. Police have also been working closely with local taxi companies, and partner organisations such as Hertfordshire Community Meals, to raise awareness of the crime.

Police have received over 100 reports of suspicious phone calls since the beginning of the year, with calls being made to residents across the county. The majority of people targeted are elderly.

For more information on these scams visit the Herts police website.

Burglary ( shed ) – Fanshawe St

Crime number A1/14/350

Between 0900hrs Wednesday 1st January and 0900hrs Monday 3rd February a boat engine was stolen from the shed at the bottom of the rear garden.

If anyone has any information could they please contact us via the non-emergency number on 101 and Quote the crime number.

Damage to vehicle in Temple Fields

Damage to vehicle, Temple Fields – Crime Number A1/14/214.

Between 1700hrs Friday 17th January and 1055hrs Saturday 18th January 2014 the offender(s) have keyed all body panels and broken and removed part of the rear number plate on Blue Landrover that was parked on the driveway.

If anyone has any information can they please contact the non-emergency number on 101.

Distraction Burglars hit Hertfordshire

Police in Hertfordshire are urging residents to be vigilant to bogus callers after an incident in St Albans on Friday. Police suspect the two offenders responsible could commit other offences in the county.

Operation Manhunt, Hertfordshire Constabulary’s team dedicated to investigating distraction burglary, is investigating an incident which occurred in St Albans on Friday (November 29). The victim, a woman in her 70s, was approached at her door by a young looking man and woman who said they had lost their ball in her garden and asked to have a look for it.

The victim took the woman into her garden whilst the man searched the property and removed jewellery and cash.

Detectives believe this couple have committed similar offences in London, Bedfordshire and ThamesValley.

Detective Sergeant Alex Tyrrell from Operation Manhunt said: “We know this couple are offending in neighbouring counties and we’re starting to see offences in Hertfordshire.

“Whilst we have an investigation on-going, we need people to be vigilant to this crime, and to this couple.

“They look young, and tend to use the lost ball excuse to get into someone’s home but they are also known to say they need a cup of sugar or need to borrow something.

“I would urge people to identify their older family members, friends and neighbours who may be vulnerable to this crime and pass on this vital safety advice.”

Not sure? Don’t open the door! – If you are not expecting anyone and you don’t recognise them, don’t let them into your home. Try to communicate with the caller without opening the door and ask them to return at a time when you have someone you trust with you.

Call 999 if you suspect a crime is in progress or you believe someone is acting suspiciously around your neighbour’s property.

Theft of Chiminea

Crime number A1/13/3030

In Rib Vale, between 0930hrs and 1050hrs Thursday 5th December a metal chiminea was stolen from outside the front garden near to the park.

If anyone has any information please contact the non-emergency number on 101 and Quote the Crime number.

Theft from vehicle in Temple Fields

Crime Number A1/13/2964

Between 2200hrs Wednesday 27th November and 0700hrs Thursday 28th November the offender(s) have smashed the rear window on a White Ford Transit van that was parked outside Temple Court as you enter Temple Fields.

It is believed the incident occurred around 0100hrs as the victim heard what he believes to be a motorbike or quad bike in field nearby.

If anyone has any information please contact the non-emergency number 101 and Quote the crime number above.