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Bengeo’s 333 Bus Service Continues

sunday_busThe 333 bus which serves Bengeo has been given a reprieve to keep running on Sundays for a further two years.

Bengeo Town and District Councillor Peter Ruffles has been instrumental in ensuring the service is retained on Sundays, but is urging local residents to make use of the service so that it continues to be available for everyone into the future.


It really is a case of ‘use it or lose it!’

TV Participants Needed

This is an amendment. The Molewood Residents’ Association has been approached by Kimberly Godbolt at Windfall Films, who has asked if there are any participants willing to apply for their latest Channel 4 production. Their email states:
“We’re working on a pilot documentary series for Channel 4, which will make an innovative dispute resolution process available to people with community, business, family and consumer disputes for the first time. With court fees having just risen significantly and small claims taking an average of 31 weeks to get a court date, the aim is to de-mystify the legal world and facilitate a new, efficient process for people wanting to sort out difficult disputes.

We’re looking for parties considering court to go through this process for our pilot. It could be anything from a landlord / tenant issue, a consumer dispute , money claims from friends or family, but it is best suited to cases where individuals, and not large companies or organisations are involved.

The process will be authentic, legally-binding and free for the parties, and although it’s being filmed, the pilot is not intended for broadcast.”
If anyone is interested in applying they are able to contact Kimberly at

Autumn 2014

outlookaut2014Contents include:

Double yellow lines for Sacombe Road
Port Hill traffic lights given the ‘Green Light’
Volunteers needed for Sacombe Road development
District Plan update
Near miss on Wellington Street
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Who to speak to about fruit fall

fruit_fallThere have been reports of fruit fall causing problems on the roads and pavements in the area. If you have a problem with the pavement and believe cleansing is required you can contact the East Herts environmental services on 01279 655216, or email

Some of the tree branches hang dangerously low when laden with fruit. If you see this happening you can log it as a hazard with HCC Highways by calling 0300 123 4047 or logging it online at

The Black Barns being covered up!

Waterford Heath nature reserve update

The Black Barns being covered up!

The Black Barns being covered up!

Below is the August 2014 newsletter from Herts and Middlesex Wildlife Trust. If you’d like to see what they do, or get involved, you can visit their website here.

The Black Barns have finally been covered over, now it is time for mother nature to help the area recover and for the wildlife to move back in.

There have been 6 work parties on the heath in the past 3 months. These have averaged around 6 volunteers each and have achieved the following:


    • Created some new steps in the North Heath leading towards the railway. This was a dangerous path, particularly in wet weather.


    • A short break whilst working on the new steps on the north heath

      A short break whilst working on the new steps on the north heath

      Three new benches have been installed two on the south heath, one at the top of the new steps looking towards the railway.


    • Excessive balsam has been pulled near the river Beane


    • The fences around both pond areas(north and south heaths) have been repaired to keep dogs out to provide a refuge for breeding birds


    • Two experimental patches of goats rue have been poisoned using weedkiller.


    • The Meadow at the southern end of the south heath has been cut and raked.


    • The glade in the conifer woods have been cut and raked


    • The access to the north heath has been improved to
      reduce accessibility to motorbikes.


Future Works:

Volunteer work parties will be doing the following:


    • Scrub will be cut back on both heaths


    • The site will be surveyed for dangerous trees.


    • A mink raft will be installed in the River Beane (subject to EA approval)


    • The paths around the site will be cut back


    • A new bench will be installed in Great Molewood

If you would like to get involved with the site please get in contact and I will put you in touch with the appropriate warden:

North Heath – Marcella Randall
South Heath – Andrew Wood
Great Molewood – Steve Kiln

Andy Brown
Reserves Officer HMWT
Mob: 07787 528804 Email:

Bengeo Stories

Originally an exhibition and publication called Bengeo Stories at Hertford Museum in 2013, Marilyn was loaned the Museum exhibition to add to her display collection of local resources for another exhibition at St Leonard’s Church early in 2014. Around 1,500 people came to view the exhibition and £1.5k was raised for the church funds. Another exhibition is planned for 2015.

Below is a video combining some of the content of the exhibition, as well as the day itself.

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School Crossing Patrol

School Crossing Patrol wanted

School Crossing Patrol

School Crossing Patrol

Hertfordshire County Council are urgently looking for somebody who would be interested in becoming the school crossing patrol for Bengeo Primary School.

The pay will be £6.47 per hour (excluding holiday pay and retainer).

If you are interested, or would like further information, please contact Heather Hill on 01992 556815.

Planned application

Call for Community Representatives

Planned application

Planned application

Lafarge have been granted their application to build 8 homes on land adjoining Sacombe Rd. To date the ecological surveys and the course of the proposed footpath have begun. The aim is to make the homes low or zero carbon neutral, and some details about this can be found here.

In addition, there is a requirement to set up a liaison group to act as community representatives while the works are taking place. They will ensure the company is keeping to their commitments and will raise any complaints from local residents. If anyone is interested in being on the group please contact us.


To view the original story, click here.

Sacombe Rd Restrictions

Informal Consulatation on Sacombe Rd Restrictions

Residents around Sacombe Road will shortly be receiving a letter detailing the proposals for the new restrictions suggested for the road. Nicholas Martin, the Traffic Regulation Officer, is asking for any comments or observations from residents so they can be collated and submitted to the Development Management Engineer.

The letter is as follows:

Proposed Traffic Regulation Order – No Waiting At Any Time Restrictions – Sacombe Road, Bengeo, Hertford (amended scheme)

Hertfordshire County Council propose to implement new ‘No Waiting At Any Time’ (double yellow lines) and “No Waiting 8am to 5pm” waiting restrictions on specified lengths of Sacombe Road, Bengeo, Hertford.

These measures, promoted for reasons of safety, are associated with the development works at Bengeo Primary School and an expected increase in pupilage together with new initiatives for vehicle parking and walking to and from the premises.

This proposal is based on part of the final planning consent and is the subject of a condition within the Decision Notice.

Shown below is the relevant amended drawing showing the detail and extent of what is proposed.

The process of implementing waiting restrictions is a legislative and formal one as specified in Law. However, prior to embarking upon that process, it is important and useful to seek your views on what is proposed.

This letter initiates the informal consultation part of the Traffic Regulation Order process and if you have any comments or observations, I would be pleased to receive them at your earliest convenience and in any case within twenty one days from receipt.

Nicholas Martin
TRO Officer
Traffic Order Services (Developments)
Network Strategy & Compliance Group (Highways)
Ground Floor, North West Block, Postal Point CH0242
County Hall, Hertford SG13 8DN

Sacombe Rd Restrictions

Sacombe Rd Restrictions

Consultation on Port Hill Traffic Lights

port_hill_lightsUpdate to story
This proposal has been supported by town councillors and there were also calls for a 20mph zone. It is not expected that any work will be carried out before the 2015-16 financial year.

The town councillors have A letter has recently been sent out from Hertfordshire County Council detailing plans for traffic lights to be installed at the bottom of Port Hill. If you wish to comment on the plans you can do so using the following information:
Ref: G-I1305.12_100_Con.01
Contact: Martin Wright

Port Hill, Hertford SG14 3EN: Proposed Signal Controlled Pedestrian Crossing.

The proposal for a new pedestrian crossing at the bottom of Port Hill is seeking to reduce car journeys by improving pedestrian connectivity between Bengeo and Hertford town centre, via Hartham. The proposed crossing will address concerns regarding the current lack of crossing facilities on Port Hill, in close proximity to two schools.

Investigations have been conducted along the lengths of Port Hill and Cowbridge to find the most suitable location for a controlled pedestrian crossing. The location shown on the attached plan has been selected as the best available to meet the required safety standards (including lines-of-sight) for a scheme of this nature, and to avoid compromising existing traffic flows in Hertford. The design has also sought to minimise the effect of the proposed works upon existing features.

The attached plan shows the details of the proposed work, resulting from a recent investigation. The details are summarised as follows: –


    • Proposed realignment of the carriageway’s west side kerbline between Nos. 39 and 47 Port Hill.


    • Installation of dropped kerbs, tactile paving and traffic signals on each side of Port Hill at this location to provide a ‘controlled’ pedestrian crossing.


    • Alterations to the road drainage system as necessary to facilitate the installation of the new crossing.


    • Installation of appropriate signage to provide advanced warning to motorists approaching the new crossing.


Anyone wishing to provide feedback can do by Friday 22nd August 2014, using the contact details given above.

For your information, the scheme will be funded using a developer contribution from the Sainsbury’s superstore development to improve sustainable transport in the town. Implementation is not scheduled before the 2015/16 financial year, however we are keen to understand local residents’ views on the proposals.

If you have any concerns regarding other highway issues, or wish to report a highway fault, please do so online via or telephone 0300 123 4047.